King Bhumibol and The Thai Royal Family in Lausanne Paperback – Press Conference

King Bhumibol and The Thai Royal Family in Lausanne Paperback - Press Conference

On 15 December 2016, Hotel Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort held an event “KING BHUMIBOL AND THE THAI ROYAL FAMILY IN LAUSANNE” by LYSANDRE C. SERAIDARIS (Author). Cleon C Seraidaris’s professional life as a polymath private tutor to two monarchs, King Rama VIII and the reigning King, His Majesty King Bhumibol, spans twenty-six years. It is a story as fascinating as it is unique. The author, Cleon’s son, takes us on a journey highlighting both personal and public events from a world not before revealed. Out of loyalty and affection Cleon would not disclose the details of his service to the Royal Family. In response to the suggestion of HM King Bhumibol that these historical events and images are recorded and enjoyed the author was encouraged to write this account. This unique testimony, abundantly illustrated with personal photographs and documents from the author’s family archives, told from an intimate and family point of view, gives Cleon’s insight into part of the history of the Kingdom of Thailand.

King Bhumibol 001.JPGKing Bhumibol 002.JPGKing Bhumibol 003.JPGKing Bhumibol 004.JPGKing Bhumibol 005.JPGKing Bhumibol 006.JPGKing Bhumibol 007.JPGKing Bhumibol 008.JPGKing Bhumibol 009.JPGKing Bhumibol 010.JPGKing Bhumibol 011.JPGKing Bhumibol 012.JPGKing Bhumibol 013.JPGKing Bhumibol 014.JPGKing Bhumibol 015.JPGKing Bhumibol 016.JPGKing Bhumibol 017.JPGKing Bhumibol 018.JPGKing Bhumibol 019.JPGKing Bhumibol 020.JPGKing Bhumibol 021.JPGKing Bhumibol 022.JPGKing Bhumibol 023.JPGKing Bhumibol 024.JPGKing Bhumibol 025.JPGKing Bhumibol 026.JPGKing Bhumibol 027.JPGKing Bhumibol 028.JPGKing Bhumibol 029.JPGKing Bhumibol 030.JPGKing Bhumibol 031.JPGKing Bhumibol 032.JPGKing Bhumibol 033.JPGKing Bhumibol 034.JPGKing Bhumibol 035.JPGKing Bhumibol 036.JPGKing Bhumibol 037.JPGKing Bhumibol 038.JPGKing Bhumibol 039.JPGKing Bhumibol 040.JPGKing Bhumibol 041.JPGKing Bhumibol 042.JPGKing Bhumibol 043.JPGKing Bhumibol 044.JPGKing Bhumibol 045.JPGKing Bhumibol 046.JPGKing Bhumibol 047.JPGKing Bhumibol 048.JPGKing Bhumibol 049.JPGKing Bhumibol 050.JPGKing Bhumibol 051.JPGKing Bhumibol 052.JPGKing Bhumibol 053.JPGKing Bhumibol 054.JPGKing Bhumibol 055.JPGKing Bhumibol 056.JPGKing Bhumibol 057.JPGKing Bhumibol 058.JPGKing Bhumibol 059.JPGKing Bhumibol 060.JPGKing Bhumibol 061.JPGKing Bhumibol 062.JPGKing Bhumibol 063.JPGKing Bhumibol 064.JPGKing Bhumibol 065.JPGKing Bhumibol 066.JPGKing Bhumibol 067.JPGKing Bhumibol 068.JPGKing Bhumibol 069.JPGKing Bhumibol 070.JPGKing Bhumibol 071.JPGKing Bhumibol 072.JPGKing Bhumibol 073.JPGKing Bhumibol 074.JPGKing Bhumibol 075.JPGKing Bhumibol 076.JPGKing Bhumibol 077.JPGKing Bhumibol 078.JPGKing Bhumibol 079.JPGKing Bhumibol 080.JPGKing Bhumibol 081.JPGKing Bhumibol 082.JPGKing Bhumibol 083.JPGKing Bhumibol 084.JPGKing Bhumibol 085.JPGKing Bhumibol 086.JPGKing Bhumibol 087.JPGKing Bhumibol 088.JPGKing Bhumibol 089.JPGKing Bhumibol 090.JPGKing Bhumibol 091.JPG

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