Foam Party by AIS Traveller SIM at Centra Ashlee Hotel Patong

01Foam Party by AIS traveller sim at Centra Ashlee Hotel Patong

Mr. Mahannop Aphinanthanaphong, AIS Vice President Regional Operations-South, together with Centra Ashlee Hotel Patong, supports Phuket tourism by giving an amazing fun privilege event, the FUN BEYOND THE FRONTIER FOAM PARTY BY AIS TRAVELLER SIM, to our AIS One-2-Call! TRAVELLER SIM foreign tourist customers. The party was a massively successful blast on Saturday, 3rd October 2015 at Centra Ashlee Hotel Patong, promoting tourism in Thailand, offering the best selection of communications, featuring the SIM card and services that perfectly cater for all tourist needs.

AIS TRAVELLER SIM is available to purchase at the AIS Shop at Phuket Airport and other branches including other AIS distributors in Phuket. The SIM card costs only 299 Baht, and comes with a 100 Baht free calling minutes bonus and 1.5 GB max speed internet use for 7 days.

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